Pallet Trucks

We have two types of pallet truck available, hand-powered and electric.

Our compact, powerful and reliable electric pallet trucks benefit from having 3rd generation AC technology, and most come equipped with maintenance free batteries or drive motors.

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Order Pickers

Fast, Efficient and perfect for narrow aisle warehouses. Our selection of Jungheinrich Order Pickers include High- and Low-Level pickers with industry leading technology, reliability and ergonomics.


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Electric Counterbalance

Ideal for indoor applications, and narrow aisles. Electric powered forklifts offer fantastic efficiency, low running costs, and require minimal maintenance.


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LPG/Diesel Counterbalance

Diesel engines produce more torque than their electric and gas counterparts, making them ideal for towing or working on gradients.

LPG trucks are more responsive than Diesel and Electric trucks and are best for 'round the clock' work thanks to the ease of swapping gas bottles.

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Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are perfect for working in narrow aisle warehouses. The driver sits sideways when operating the machine. The wheelbase is about the same as a counter-balance forklift, but the body is more compact.

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High Rack Stackers (VNA)

Our High Rack Stackers have modular designs, offering flexible solutions for combined use in narrow aisles, wide aisles and loading areas. All the stackers come with Jungheinrichs' innovative 3-phase AC technology for drive, lifting and steering motors and energy reclamation during lowering.

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Sideloaders are ideal for working with long loads such as wood and steel. They don't need to turn like standard forklifts, so they can drive alongside to unload and load.


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