Baumann Electric Sideloaders

No Emissions, Very Little Noise.

All the benefits of a Diesel Sideloader, with far less servicing costs.

Available in 3 - 7 Ton Load Capacity

All 5-7 Ton models come with 120v batteries as standard for even more performance for travel, lifting, outreach and battery longevity.


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Baumann EGX 50-70

Diesel & LPG Sideloaders

Powerful, responsive and stable these Diesel and LPG forklifts are ready for anything you can throw at them.

Featuring overdimensioned components, underdeck traction units and a variety of engine variations this model range has something for everyone.


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Baumann GS 180

Multidirectional Electric Sideloader

Featuring innovative hunting suspension, simple and intuitive instrument panel and superb maneuverability this forklift offers maximum security for load and extra long loads.

Including a multi-function display which allows changes to the steering program, and indicating the wheels position.


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Foxx EL Sideloader

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