ETM & ETV 2 Series

Its space-saving design, high performance, innovative technology and optimum ergonomic working conditions make the ETM & ETV 2 Series ideal for working with pallets, drive-through or drive-in racking; for extremely narrow areas or low heights; for single-shift or multi-shift operation.

The main advantages:

  • Narrow working aisles, as little as 2711mm.
  • Residual capacities of 1000kg to cover 10 meters lift height.
  • The very latest drive and control technology ensure greater productivity whilst at the same time reduce energy consumption.
  • Generous cab dimensions and outstanding driver visibility
  • Automotive layout for drive pedals.
  • Curve Control technology - automatic speed reduction while cornering
  • 180 and 360 degree steering, and SOLO-PILOT control lever.

To find out more information, please look at the downloads below.

ETV 2 Series
ETV 2 Series
ETV 2 Series
ETV 2 Series
ETV 2 Series

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