EJE Series Powered Pallet Trucks

Lifting from 1,600 to 3,500kg these powered pallet trucks are extremely powerful.  Featuring large batteries, excellent energy consumption and optional side battery changing (ideal for multi-shift operations).

The EJE 116, 118 & 120 are great for lorry loading and offloading, as well as manual transport over short distances.

The EJE 220, 225 & 235 are ideal where high productivity and throughput are required. with their powerful 1.6kW drive motors and 3rd Generation AC technology.

The EJE 220r & 222r feature the patented level adjustment with ramp lift technology which facilitates level adjustments on ramps with gradients up to 15%.  The ramp lift works separately from the normal lift.

To find out more information, please look at the downloads below.

EJE 2 Series Powered Pallet Truck
EJE 1 Series PPT
EJE 1 Series PPT
EJE 1 Series PPT