EFG 4 Series

The newest generation of 3-phase AC technology offers a number of benefits:

  • Maximum throughput with high acceleration, travel and lift speeds.
  • Integrated electronic control and wear-free regenerative braking system with energy recovery
  • Maintenance and wear-free enclosed drive motor

The variable travel and lift speeds of the Drive&Lift+ modules will complete your transport and stacking operations with maximum energy efficiency.

  • Sturdy design with steel mud guards, steel covers and protected lighting.
  • Enclosed chassis - including under the battery - for increased stability and protection.
  • Maintenance-free components (e.g. brakes).
  • Improved ease of servicing thanks to modular component design and direct, easy access.

To find out more information, please look at the downloads below.

EFG 4 Series
EFG 4 Series

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